Family room, game room, media room, spare or guest bedroom, wet bar, in-law suite – you name it. Basements can become most anything.

Preparation on the front end is first and foremost, regardless of what you want your basement to be. Tennessee Craftsmen will consider how you plan to use the space, ceiling heights for maximizing capacity and essential wiring, plumbing, heating and air, ventilation and other concerns. We’ll also factor in the layout of your house and ensure steps to prevent moisture from getting through the foundation for basements that are underground or partially open.

Doing it right from the start will prevent problems down the road and bring years of enjoyment for your new living space.

Brentwood Basement

Full basement remodel in a two story Brentwood home. Challenges involved design coping with apparent random placed steel posts supporting first floor joist framing. Engineer consultant help bring some order to steel post placement.

Basement was ground level walk-in. Design required an interior stairwell. This involved relocating two first floor interior walls for stairwell placement. Stainless steel handrail with Horizontal stainless steel cords to meet Code requirement of 4.5” spacing for child protection.

The stairwell cavity has custom built drawers to maximise storage.

There is a full bathroom utilising drain pump system to raise waste water nine feet to connect to house drain system.

Card Playing Room

Card playing room with dry bar and wine refrigeration rack behind heavy glass doors.

The stairwell cavity has custom built drawers to maximise storage.

There is a full bathroom utilising drain pump system to raise waste water nine feet to connect to house drain system.

Game Room

Basement game and media room. Ceiling framing conceals HVAC ductwork. Area lighting. Stained concrete floors.

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