As the most “private” areas of your home, bathrooms should bring both glamour and comfort to you and your guests.

We are experts at creating a warm and stylish personal experience in your new bathroom. We don’t believe that bathrooms have to be rectangles or squares, unless you want them to be. We do believe that cabinets, lighting, placement of the tub, toilet and shower and numerous other features can create a room that’s both functional and fabulous. Our many “finishing touches” that have made home owners happy include:

  • Raising the vanity height to be more comfortable
  • Adding warming floor systems or built-in heated towel bars
  • Ensuring that lighting does not create shadows, especially in areas where personal grooming takes place
  • Incorporating storage to accommodate linens and keep countertops uncluttered
  • Having electrical outlets behind the vanity so that hair dryers, curling devices, shavers and other grooming appliances can stay in drawers for convenient usage

Be sure your bath is organized around your needs. Let Tennessee Craftsmen make it both glamorous and functional.

TC Bath

Granite slab mounted on tub top with wood front panel 
Granite mirror frames 

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3

Bath 4

Bath 5

Bath 6

Bath 7

Bath 8

From One to Two

A bedroom was divided into a full bathroom with a shower and a laundry center. No more laundry days in a cold garage. And guests have a lovely up to date bathroom.

From Two to One

Two small, very dated bathrooms, connected by a common wall were gutted to form a new master bathroom. Custom his and her vanities with a linen tower, shower and bathtub surround. One feature is a drawer for electric dryer with the outlet in the vanity rear helping to eliminate counter clutter.

Bath II

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