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Whether to build a garage or a carport to shelter cars can be a tough decision, since there are so many factors to consider. While they both keep your cars out of the weather and protect them from the elements, carports and garages are very different structures that offer distinctive benefits as well as hidden drawbacks. To save you from a headache when choosing between the two options, this blog will outline the pros and cons of each structure in specific categories. This article will let you make a more informed decision about which one might suit your home and your cars better.

Appearance and Function of Carports vs. Garages

First, let’s learn the basic differences between a garage and a carport. A garage is defined as a completely enclosed room with roofs and four walls. No matter if it is attached to a house or freestanding, garages are usually required to match the rest of your home in style by using the same siding, roofing materials, and paint color. A carport is a roofed parking space with three or four open sides. Many carports incorporate a storage room into one side of the structure. Carports may be stand alone or attached to the house.

2 car garage carportBoth carports and garages are designed to shelter a vehicle from direct sunlight, rain, snow, and other elements. However, that’s all that a carport can do. Your vehicles might still be exposed to dirt, animals, damage, or theft as carports have open sides. Garages provide better shelter and security as they are a completely enclosed room, you can install doors, locks, and even a HVAC system for climate control.

Besides the pure function above, storage is another purpose that makes a garage a more appealing choice than a carport, since garages provide the perfect room to store house tools, hobby equipment, or anything you want. Not to mention that with garages, you can also create additional living spaces, such as a media room, DIY workspace, or even a guest bedroom.

Financial Implications of Installing Carports and Garages

Installation and Cost
All good things come with a price and there are no exceptions in this case. Since garages provide a better appearance and more functions, the installation process is more complicated and so is the cost. As a simpler option, carports require less materials and labor.

garage with pergola NashvillePermits and Regulations
You need to check with your city or county permits office or consult a professional contractor to see if there are any permits, inspections, or fire safety regulations required.

Resale Value
Adding a garage or carport not only provides present benefits, but can also make your home more attractive to future buyers and increase the property resale value. Since it costs more to build, a garage can increase property value more significantly than a carport. However, keep in mind that the investment is usually larger than the value return because of depreciation.

Number of Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and Boats

It starts with the cars
The number and sizes of the vehicles dictates the size of the garage or carport. And you need to add to the width of the structure the ability to open and close doors on vehicles side by side. There is a broad selection of garage plans available to provide storage of up to three or more automobiles. These plans feature tall bays to accommodate over-sized vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, or even a boat.

Now that we have walked through all key factors that needed to consider when choosing between a carport and a garage, we hope you find it easier to make a decision. No matter which type you erect, a garage or a carport, it is important to start the management plan with your vehicle collection where cars, motorcycles, boats or even bikes should be considered. This step will get you the right type and the right size to build. Contact Tennessee Craftsmen for your FREE consultation today.

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