Converting a Garage to a Living Space

The garage can be a tempting area to convert into more living space. In many cases, it can make for the ideal hobbyist’s den or guest suite, and can increase the property value of your home significantly. Here are a few smart ideas for using the space, as well as some worthwhile considerations for the budget.


Uses for the Space:


Spare Bedroom

A spare bedroom can be the perfect addition to the home. For growing families, the garage can be remodeled to serve as a nursery, kid’s room, or even a suite for aging family members to feel at home.

While not the cheapest option, making the garage a more comfortable bedroom space can be as simple as adding carpet and furniture, and connecting any heating or air conditioning. Check out the video below to see how such a project can turn out!

Home Gym

While many treadmills or stationary bikes may be bought and promptly gather dust in the corner of the living room, creating a dedicated space for such equipment can make daily exercise a much easier and more effective part of your routine. It’s been proven that, while a home gym is more expensive in the short term, it can save you hundreds on membership fees and allow you to exercise without having to wait on equipment or fear judgement.

Best of all, a home gym can be a very sleek addition to the garage. Adding floor mats, weight racks, a mirror, and the equipment you decide on can still leave plenty of room for other furniture.


But what about my car?

It goes without saying that remodeling your garage can cut into your available spaces to park. While constructing a garage separate from the home is always an option, a more budget-friendly project is to add a carport. Carports can free up the space in your home while still keeping your car protected from the elements, for a fraction of the cost of a garage. Learn more about your options between carports and garages here!


Hobby / Recreation Room

For a cheaper remodeling project, including some extra space for hobby work can be as easy as adding shelving, worktables, and other items relevant to the hobby. A workshop in your home can allow you to dedicate more time to your passion.

For motorcycle lovers, they may think their garage takes up a little more space than what they need to store their favorite ride. In that case, upgrading their garage into a personal mechanic’s workshop can be a luxurious and cost-effective way to get the most out of their garage.

For any sports fans in the family, a cabinet built for storing and displaying memorabilia can become a centerpiece of the room. It can be a great conversation starter (or friendship-ender) to feature sports memorabilia for the Tennessee Vols when you’re hosting an Alabama fan!

Remodeling on a Budget

With all the benefits of garage conversion come some challenges, including the Tennessee laws and required permissions surrounding such a project. Receiving permission to convert your garage to a livable space may come with some fees, so it’s always a smart idea to gather together all the information you can to create a realistic budget. For instance, in Nashville and Davidson County, projects costing more than $3,000 but less than $25,000 require a Home Improvement license.

We at Tennessee Craftsmen know the importance of a job done right, and we are proud to walk through each step of the process with you. Ultimately, however, the laws surrounding home remodeling and structure conversion can vary between Tennessee counties and regions. It’s best to investigate the regulations for your county personally, to avoid discovering an expensive permit fee halfway through a project!

Another worthwhile consideration for budget is the potential cost of furniture and decorations for your renewed space. Here are some local stores to suit budgets both big and small in Franklin, Nashville, and the surrounding areas:

Mercantile 1858
4812 Murfreesboro Road, Suite F, Arrington, TN

Head Springs Depot
547 Mt Hope Street, Franklin, TN

Moore & Moore Garden Center
8216 Highway 100, Nashville, TN

The Iron Gate
338 Main Street, Franklin, TN


The Perfect Garage Remodeling for Your Franklin or Nashville Home

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