Tennessee is famous for its gorgeous natural landscapes, rich musical history, and classic brand of Southern hospitality. Many Tennessee homeowners, especially those near Nashville or Franklin, take pride in this reputation and enjoy the benefits (or at least they like the whiskey)! A perfect way to express this pride is with a custom game room, allowing your home a space for family connection, hobby work, and unique decor to express your personal style without overwhelming the rest of the home.

One of the biggest benefits of a game room is social connection. Many people find conversation easier and more rewarding when it’s done over a riveting game of foosball, pool, or cards. Hosting a party is that much easier when there’s a room dedicated for it, complete with comfortable furniture and built-in entertainment!


Multi-Purpose Game Tables

A central feature of many custom game rooms is a table purpose-built for playing a specific game, such as pool, table tennis, or foosball. These are usually large additions, best placed central in the room to allow for freedom of movement during play.

Luckily, it’s easy to customize certain game tables to make the best use of the space, such as adding a cover to a pool table to allow for cards, board games, and other activities. Table tennis can be similarly multi-purpose with removable netting. In fact, it’s entirely possible, especially for the experts at Tennessee Craftsmen, to install a table which can serve as a pool, table tennis, cards, and board game table all in one, with only minor adjustments to swap functions!

Organizing in Style with Custom Cabinets

Nobody enjoys struggling to play a game with pieces missing. Installing a rack for table tennis paddles, pool cues, air hockey pushers, and other pieces can be a sleek and beautiful way to display the full functionality of the space, as well as making it much easier to keep track of every piece and know when something needs replacing.

Cabinets and additional shelving can be added, to display a range of board games, frame a television, or even show off a rack of trophies or a prized collection. Hunting or outdoors equipment, and hobby tools, could also be stored in the game room or put on display to proudly express the family’s personal interests and style.


Free to Be Quirky

Sentimental knick-knacks and any number of unique decorations can easily find a place in a game room. In addition to being great conversation starters, displaying them together can create a cozier space overall than if they were spread through the house, potentially clashing with other decor in different rooms.


A Hunter’s Dream

Tennessee has no shortage of hunters, and a game room can double as the perfect space to mount the family’s trophies from memorable trips. Including a gun cabinet in which to display your weapons of choice can be the icing on the cake, so long as that cabinet meets an appropriate standard of safety for your household and personal needs. Few features can impress guests quite like a gorgeous buck mounted proudly above your mantle!

To get an idea of the total cost of such a project, please feel free to contact us. Depending on the current configuration of your home and available space, we may be able to convert an existing room, basement, or other space to create your new game room. In some cases, a new game room will require a new addition to your home. Brainstorming ways to add a game room to your home is something that we enjoy doing, and our experience allows us to suggest innovative ideas that most homeowners would not realize are options.

Not sure that a new family game room is right for you? To simply try out the game room experience, look into local stores near you! Here is an incomplete list of some of our top-rated game retailers and cafes:

Game Point Cafe
107 S 11th Street, Nashville, TN

The Game Cave
5751 Old Hickory Boulevard, Hermitage, TN

Swings & Billiards, Etc.
7061 Moores Lane, Brentwood, TN

Mercantile 1858
4812 Murfreesboro Road, Arrington, TN

Family Leisure Nashville
621 Muci Drive, Antioch, TN


The Perfect Custom Game Room for Your Franklin or Nashville Home

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