The Appeal of a Custom Mudroom in Your Tennessee Home

Tennessee is in an interesting position geographically, having a temperate climate shifting between warm summers and mild winters. It’s also 6th ranked among the states for average yearly precipitation–meaning a lot of mud and snow! That’s where this Southern home staple comes in: the mudroom. Despite its name, a mudroom can be just as glamorous and well-designed as any area of your home. Tennessee Craftsmen shares everything you need to know for getting started on the best custom mudroom to fit your home.


A Southern Legacy

While the term “mudroom” is a modern East Coast colloquialism, its function has been a staple of Southern culture for centuries. Mud has been a problem for any homeowner regardless of the time period. In many cities, starting in the Victorian era of the 1800s, guests were expected to stop at a flat, upright piece of metal, either free-standing or affixed to railing, called a “boot scraper”. These fixtures were standardized by architects in some cities, with identical scrapers being placed on sidewalks or by metal stairwells leading up to people’s homes. While practical for quickly clearing one’s boots of mud from the day, these were not particularly welcoming, and could still leave mud to be tracked inside the home.

Mudrooms, on the other hand, can serve many functions at once: keeping the home cleaner, storing coats, school backpacks and supplies, umbrellas, rain boots, fresh laundry, and even other amenities such as a spare fridge or washer and dryer. These entryways can either be a separate entrance for denizens of the home or directly connected to the main entrance for easier access.


Features to Consider

The appeal of customized mudrooms is the many combinations of utility and style which can either impress guests, keep the house free of clutter, or welcome the family home from a cold or rainy day. To begin with is an important consideration: usefulness. Mudrooms were never meant to be lush foyers devoid of any signs of life; it’s in the name! They were entryways for guests and residents of the home alike to kick their boots off and start feeling cozy. The convenience of a simple coat rack lining one wall means you can avoid what always happens otherwise on chilly days out: the family spreads out across the home, and no surface is spared from the smothering of a coat carelessly thrown off to let them launch immediately into relaxing. Such a simple ritual as folding your coat, hanging it, or otherwise neatly storing it away when you get home can, as silly as it sounds, promote overall household wellbeing. These habits–always taking shoes off in the mudroom and tucking them away in a neat cubby for instance–can begin to act as a kind of signal to the brain, letting one’s subconscious know that they’re home and it’s time to relax after a long day at work or school. Some excellent features to consider for your custom mudroom include cubby holes for backpacks, shoes, coats, or even items needed for the day like lunchboxes or umbrellas, a wall-mounted coat rack, an area for laundry; the list goes on! Mudrooms are truly versatile, and with a custom mudroom, you can pick and choose the best features for your household and lifestyle.


Custom Sunrooms

The mudroom’s utility is only one benefit, however. Just like custom sunrooms, their designs can vary to suit just about any home, whether you may want tile, chalkboards for family correspondence (or doodles), wood paneling, alcoves for candles or incense, or even a place for your pets to lay down and greet you as soon as you step through the front door.

Far too often, homeowners neglect the state of their mudrooms as just a “family entrance”, meant to get dirty and be passed through quickly. But why do you need to be stressed when you step through the door? If anything, the family living in the home should feel most at ease from the time they enter to the time they leave. Putting together a custom mudroom could not only provide you with a useful renewed space for storage or other activities, but also a fresh greeting to the family, and a chance to cement the little domestic rituals that make spending time with loved ones at home so special.


Local Hardware Retailers in Franklin, TN

If you’re interested in some upgrades to your mudroom, you can try your hand at some DIY with the retailers listed below around the Franklin and Nashville areas:

For a truly spectacular custom mudroom, however, nothing can beat the professionals. Tennessee Craftsmen are an old-school solution to the modern problem of high overhead for contractors, meaning for many homeowners, they have to choose between risking DIY or paying up for highly expensive and involved construction projects. Jay Mowery, owner, personally manages each job site and only brings craftsmen with 10 or more years of experience. You’ll personally have the power over each step of the process, meaning you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you had a personal hand in giving your family a more beautiful home. Call (615) 294-2544 to develop a project management plan or submit a request.