Why are custom playgrounds important to parents and grandparents who live in Franklin, Nashville, or other beautiful areas of Middle Tennessee? Outdoor play is imperative to healthy child development! A child’s body and brain thrive when provided with time to play outdoors. Playing outdoors provides children with much needed exercise and vitamin D, which helps to decrease stress, prevent obesity, and strengthen bones, muscles, and immune systems. Outdoor play also works to develop children’s executive brain function, according to an article by Harvard Health. WebMD defines executive brain function as the skills that “help you get things done”, such as, paying attention, planning and organizing, multitasking, remembering details, switching focus, etc.

Unique Benefits of Custom Playgrounds

Playgrounds are the perfect outdoor play tool for children! While predesigned playgrounds are available, the benefits of custom playgrounds cannot be ignored. Custom playgrounds offer unique benefits.

  1. Customizable pieces to fit your particular children’s interest – Custom playgrounds offer you the opportunity to choose your playground’s theme and/or parts to fit your children’s interest. You can customize your playground to be nautical, animal, space-themed, etc., or all of the above depending on what your children are in to. You can also choose the parts that make up your playground. If your your children are not really into slides, but love climbing obstacles you can choose not to have slides and instead have more rope obstacles or money bars.
  2. Ability to design sections for children of different ages – If different aged children will using your playground, you can choose to have different sections of the playground be more age appropriate for different aged children, instead of buying a predesigned playground that may cater to only a small age range. This can be beneficial also to ensure children don’t get easily bored with your playground’s design too quickly because they have something to look forward to as their skill and development increase.
  3. Ability to design a playground to fit/complement your landscape – Custom playgrounds can be designed to complement your unique landscape. You can incorporate bridges or balancing pieces over hills or creeks and hammocks or climbing obstacles between sturdy trees. You can also choose the materials to suit your climate. In particularly hot climates you can choose wooden pieces as opposed to metal or plastic which may get to hot to play on.
  4. Ability to design a playground to fit your unique needs within your budget – Instead of being forced to get a predesigned playground within your budget that has pieces you would rather not have or doesn’t have pieces you would like to have, working with a professional you can incorporate the types of pieces you want within you budget. The ability to customize your playground to your unique needs can be especially beneficial for creating a playground for those who have limited capability; you can design something they really love and can access!
  5. The peace of mind that it was constructed and installed by professionals – Many predesigned playgrounds come in pieces that you have to put together yourself. Not only can this be time consuming, it may require special tools, permits, or special knowledge to put together appropriately. When you choose a custom playground designed and installed by a professional you can ensure it will be installed correctly and safely.

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Playgrounds in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin

If you can’t get one built yourself, check out these amazing public playgrounds around Nashville and Franklin!

  • Cumberland Park, 592 S 1st Street, Nashville, TN
    Enjoy this recently-refurbished riverfront park, complete with a water feature perfect for the warmer months, obstacle courses, and even a rock climbing wall!
  • McCabe Playground, 111 46th Ave N, Nashville, TN
    Get in touch with the lush nature across Tennessee and pay a visit to McCabe Playground, situated right by a river and peaceful forest.
  • Brentwood Community Playground, 1500 Volunteer Parkway, Brentwood, TN
    Your kids will love exploring the massive wooden playground just bursting with opportunities for imagination and fun. You’ll enjoy sitting back and relaxing while they play. There’s a section for older children and a section for younger children, ensuring your youngest can play safely.
  • Pinkerton Park, 405 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN
    Get pumped with the mile-long track and public exercise equipment spanning the acreage of this park, then enjoy a family gathering over barbecue and outdoor games at one of the park’s picnic tables and grills. Your kids will be sure to enjoy the two playgrounds, as well.

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Why Tennessee Craftsmen

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