Custom playhouses are a magnet for kids and play-dates. Would your child or grandchild benefit from a custom playhouse? Many children spend time at parks and playgrounds with their family, especially in the summer when the weather is sunny and bright. Playing outside, socializing with other children, and using their imagination are all important activities that lead to happy childhoods and well-adjusted adults.

Custom Playhouses Mean Always Time for Play

Having a playhouse means your children always have a place to run to and call their own. Being right on your property or in your backyard means they’re within earshot or your line of sight, and allows them to have some independent playtime while still being safer than if they ran freely around the neighborhood.

Some days you may be more tired than others. After a taxing day at work, nothing is better than being able to relax in your backyard and watch your kids play without needing to drive all the way over to the nearest park or playground!

Fostering an Imaginative Childhood

A playhouse can make your home the premier destination for play-dates between your child and their friends. According to, giving your child a chance to have unstructured playtime with their peers is crucial in early development, and teaches them to be more confident, well-mannered, and independent. Read this article for more information on the unique benefits of custom playgrounds.

Better yet, you could even include your child in the creation process of their playhouse! Tennessee Craftsmen knows the value of their clients’ involvement with every project, and strives to create custom work they can be proud of. Allowing your child to pick the color, style, or certain features of their playhouse can give them that same sense of pride, and ensures they’ll be that much more eager to spend hours inside.

Styles For Every Family

Make your playhouse really pop with some unique styles. While a classic bungalow can feel cozy and look adorable next to the full-sized home, if your child loves playing pretend or has a favorite movie or costume, having a playhouse to match can make their fantasies that much closer to reality.


Tree-houses are a classic playhouse for a reason! Children and even teenagers who enjoy nature can spend hours inside, playing or simply watching the world go by from their new vantage point. This playhouse is not only an iconic symbol of a well-spent childhood, but it can be made as safe and stable as any home with the help of our experienced craftsmen.

Princess Castle

If your child fell in love with Disney movies and dreams of being a graceful princess or valiant knight, a miniaturized castle can be a perfect addition to your backyard that lets their imagination run wild! There’s nothing cuter than watching children play through the kind of complicated fairy tales and fantasy sagas only they can come up with.

The castle can be a simple one-room affair or span a whole playground’s worth of space! Some are made of wood and are built for climbing, and others are styled more for playing pretend with cooking sets, toy storage, and other features.

Military Fort

For children who love firefighters, trucks, police or military play-sets, a fort can make for truly epic Nerf and water gun battles, as well as encourage your child to get away from their video games for a while and play outside. These playhouses can be built with tactical cover, miniature towers, play radios, and other toys.

Adding targets, multiple forts, or objectives for games such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, tag, and others can add hours of playtime! Your children, their friends, and even the whole family can have fun, get some exercise, and learn how to play fair and follow rules.

Furnishing Your Custom Playhouse

Here are some great stores in the Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin areas to get furniture and toys for your new playhouse!

Nashville Toys and Books
2002 Richard Jones Rd, Nashville, TN

Philips Toy Mart
5207 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN

Kid to Kid Brentwood
95 Seaboard Lane, Brentwood, TN

Learning Express Toys of Franklin
420 Cool Springs Blvd, Franklin, TN

Making Dreams Come True in Nashville, Franklin, and Beyond

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