Proudly serving home owners in Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville, including Belle Meade, Berry Hill, Forest Hills and Oak Hill.


Tennessee Craftsmen represents the project management people always look for, but seldom find. We will guide you to the best services at fair market prices. During our first visit in your home, we’ll discuss your ideas and share some of ours. As design ideas form into a project, a forthright discussion of budget and family routines or constraints will guide us to the best possible solution for you and your family. We will create a project schedule with you to fit within your family activities and give you the space or changes you need in a timely fashion.

We consider space available, functionality, style, budget and all concerns or needs that you may have for your home. We listen, and we ask the right questions to get to the right result. We’ll ask you how you use your living spaces and what you hope to gain to get more use or enjoyment out of them.