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Energy Efficiency

Make your existing home as “green” as your neighbor’s new one.

Perhaps you have heard of or even envied the Energy Star rating new constructions are getting – knowing that they are more energy efficient, have reduced utility bills and are more planet-friendly. Now, you can apply the same green standards to your existing home.

Let Tennessee Craftsmen help turn your home “green” with a conditioned crawl space, caulking, insulation or new windows and doors better, more energy efficient ones. You can reduce the amount of energy you consume each month, probably see your utility bills drop and enjoy a home that’s comfortable and environmentally cleaner.

Addition Energy Efficiency, Murfreesboro, TN

A steep pitched roof enabled the interior to have an airy feel to the sunroom. Large fixed windows, nine Pella casement windows and a Pella exterior full view glass door, pours morning, afternoon and evening sunlight into a fully conditioned room on a separate HVAC zone. The interior screened windows open a full 90 degrees using a Pella window release permitting exterior window washing from inside the sunroom. By using SEER 15.5 HVAC system and the Pella windows and doors, the addition has an Energy Star rating with a 30% federal income tax credit on the windows, door and SEER 15.5 HVAC system.