Franklin, a historic town located just a few miles south of Nashville, owns its reputation as one of the most affluent communities in Tennessee. The downtown area of Franklin offers a diverse mix of specialty shops, high-class restaurants, and old buildings with rich histories.

The city has had a long-standing respect for its history, even identifying Historic Preservation as one of its priorities in its Land Use Plan and Central Franklin Area Plan. Their Historic Preservation Program seeks to protect such landmarks as their Main Street, named one of the Top 5 “Most Romantic” in the United States, and, of course, their many historic homes.

Beautiful architectural features and the stories behind these centenary houses make for a lovely Franklin tour and also a unique journey back to the 1900s. Check out our list of the top 5 most beautiful, must-visit historical homes in Franklin, Tennessee.

The Watson House

Address: 214 3rd Avenue South, Franklin, TN 37064

Eye-catching from a distance, the Watson house is a handsome Second French Empire-style building of red bricks contrasted with unique vintage white windows, and a symbolic mansard roof. The house was built in 1881 with an estimated cost of $18,000, making it the second most expensive home in Franklin, Tennessee at the time.

The owner of the house was the Watson family. Mrs. Susan Catherine “Kitty” Puryear Watson hired a Nashville architect, Hugh Cathcart Thompson, to tear down the original house to build her dream home instead. The house remained in the Watson family for nine decades before being sold. Most parts of this centenary house remain the same except for a large addition in the back made by the new owner in the 1990s.

The Corn House (or The Biscuit Love)

Address: 132 3rd Avenue South, Franklin, TN 37064
Just a few blocks away from the Watson house appears the Corn House, a beautiful Queen Anne-style house with white siding walls, lovely oriel windows and a symbolic square tower with an ogee top. After a fire, the house was rebuilt in 1892 and owned by the Corn family in 1920. Today, the Corn House is home of Biscuit Love, a family-owned restaurant serving Southern breakfast, lunch, and brunch.

Campbell Westbrook House

Address: 819 West Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064

Another lovely Queen Anne-style house to visit in the historic district of Franklin is the Campbell Westbrook House. Its structure is very much similar to the Corn House with the white siding wall and a small veranda on the first floor, however, the central tower of the Campbell Westbrook is the basic square shape with a gable roof. The interior of the house features a massive staircase, blue poplar flooring, and cast iron mantels. Not to mention there are also three red glass transoms, a sign of wealth of the time since gold was added in the manufacturing process to turn the glass red. The house was rebuilt in the 1880s by Edward Brown Campbell and his wife, Jennie Campbell based on a humble dwelling that existed since 1828. The house passed through many owners and has gone under many remodelings, yet the key architectural features of the house are retained through time.

The Lilli House

Address: 930 West Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064

If you are in Franklin during Halloween, the Lilli House is a must-see location. Together with the decorations of the current owners who strive to transform the house into a spooky haunted house, the original architectural features of the 18th century of the house, such as the circular porch and a fanciful turret, will give you a thrilling trip back in time. The Lilli House was built in 1894 by Joshua Bates Lillie. He was the owner of Franklin’s Lillie Mills, the provider of the top-selling flour and cornmeal brand “Franklin Lady Flour” at that time.

The Green-Moore House

Address: 932 West Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064

Right next to the Lilli House stands the Green-Moore House, a majestic red Queen Anne-style house which was built in 1896. Originally called the Turret Mansion, the house features a tall, circular tower and an attached gazebo, both with conical roofs. Once you walk inside, this five-bedroom, four-bathroom manor may pleasantly surprise you with its stunning interior. The house is full of natural light and offers gorgeous views in every room. The preservation and maintenance was done perfectly, therefore many historic features can still be found in the house. The grand staircase to the beautiful gazebo room still have the original fretwork and inlaid newel posts, and the last name of the first owner, Ed Green, is still found engraved on the doorknobs.

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