The Benefits of an In-Law Suite in a Tennessee Home

With multigenerational living on the rise in America, many households are expanding to make room for aging parents, new children, pets and other loved ones under one roof. With as many as three or four generations living in a home at one time, a great solution can be an in-law suite: an additional living space for longer-term guests, usually complete with a separate bedroom and bath. See below for details on just how worthwhile this addition could be!


Increase Your Property Value

A National Association of Realtors survey found that 20% of potential home buyers would pay more for a home with an included in-law suite. More households than ever are looking for in-law suites and other such additions in potential new homes, whether to rent in the short term, host guests, or keep family members close.

It’s no secret that an in-law suite makes for a convenient addition, especially if it keeps an open floor plan, allowing for modifications to convert the space to whatever the new homeowner may prefer. If potential buyers like anything, it’s convenience.


Create Additional Space in the House

Not planning to host any family members in the long term? An in-law suite can still be useful as an office space, a rental space for short-term renters, or a guest or entertainment space, especially if it has the space for a billiards table, dart board, or other features which may not find enough space or attention in the main home to warrant radical furniture moving.

An in-law suite could even be outfitted as a studio or workspace for a favorite hobby, sparing the garage some floor and wall space while giving your resident hobbyist a comfortable (hopefully soundproof!) area of the home to work in.


Keeping Your Family Close

It can be a beautiful undertaking to care for one’s parents after they spent so much of their child’s early life taking care of them. The dignity, independence and comfort in-law suites offer can far outweigh what may be found in a nursing home, yet in-law suites also don’t give a family the feeling of “living on top of each other” as constantly sharing household spaces such as a living room, bathroom, or kitchen might.

An in-law suite can be a smart investment against babysitting or daycare fees as well, allowing parents to leave their children in the care of their grandparents while they work. This can be a wonderful way for children to bond with and learn from their grandparents, while their parents can leave home in confidence, knowing their children are being cared for by family, rather than in a daycare or by relative strangers.

Ultimately, just like any other space in the home, an in-law suite can be converted to serve whatever purpose the homeowner wishes. It can be wise to secure a space for family members in the future, to ensure when they age or grow sick, they can be hosted and cared for by their loved ones.


Creating the Perfect In-Law Suite for Your Franklin or Nashville House

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