pergola in TennesseeIf you are looking for an idea to remodel or landscape the outside area for your home in Middle Tennessee, adding a pergola is a great solution that offers both functionality and beauty. A pergola is an outdoor shelter made of sturdy boards and cross beams with no solid roofs or walls, with woody vines and vegetation grown over the top to provide shade. Vegetation naturally absorbs light, and is often better protection against heat than a standard inorganic roof covering, as it doesn’t grow so hot in direct sun. In Nashville, Brentwood or Franklin where summers are hot and muggy, pergolas make your time spent outside more enjoyable. Also, the climate in Tennessee is perfect for a range of pergola flourishing plants. Pergolas can also be gorgeous gardens in the air.

A pergola can divide up your garden into functional spaces while providing relief from direct sunlight. There is a perfect pergola for every home, depending on the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle. Whenever you are ready to add a pergola to your Middle Tennessee home garden, explore the following five pergola landscaping ideas for inspiration.

Pergolas above the outdoor fireplace

One of the best ways to transform a fireplace in the garden into a true outdoor living room is framing the fire by a pergola. This combination gives the fireplace a warmer look and a cozier feel than just simply a fireplace itself, because the pergola acts as a “home” that stores light and heat. A pergola for shade combined with a fireplace for warmth makes a welcome retreat for year-round enjoyment.

A poolside pergola

Building a poolside pergola to cover the lounge area can immediately add a luxury resort vibe to your home. This setting not only defines a shaded relaxing space to rest after a few laps in the water, but it also creates a unique spot where you can sit back and enjoy the best view of the pool.

Pergola in garden in TennesseeA Pergola Passage in a garden

Pergolas can be built in the passage areas and paths of gardens that act as tunnel-like walkways. Not only do these offer ease of transition from house to garden, they play as a “pausing” spot for garden visitors to admire nature from the comfort of the shade.

Pergolas cover lounge / dining area in the garden

When creating an alfresco area, it is important to define the space by exterior elements, or else it will look unintentional. Many people choose pergolas to add structure to an outdoor lounge or garden dining room since they provide a cover while integrating well with other outdoor living amenities. Under pergolas, outdoor dining experiences or family and friends gatherings in the garden can be both intimate and relaxing.

Pergolas / Gazebos attached directly to the house

pergola in TN houseFor houses with limited outside space that cannot afford free-standing, 4 poster pergolas, a pergola that attaches directly to the house is a perfect choice. Serving as a semi-open patio roof, this pergola extends the living space and remains open to the sky and breeze. Most interestingly, another architectural function of this type of pergola is offering a welcoming transition between home and outside area.

There are so many good reasons to consider adding a pergola to your Middle Tennessee home. Not only providing shade and style as mentioned above, installing a pergola can also add market value to your property. With a variety of design and material options, pergolas can be tailored to fit any houses and any budget. Many people find installing pergolas can be a DIY project, however, some pergola kits might not provide full flexibility. It is recommended to hire professionals for custom landscape design and tough builds.

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