Tennessee custom crafted bridge made of stone and wood

Other Custom Work

Whatever your custom needs, Tennessee Craftsmen has the skilled craftsmen to meet your expectations. We listen carefully to you, so that we can readily resolve your needs and often surprise you with results that exceed your expectations.

Perhaps you want your grandmother’s dresser to be used as a beautiful sink. Maybe your office needs a custom desk and wall unit to fit perfectly in the space available. Or, perhaps you have dreamed of oak-stained bookshelves lining your office or library from floor to ceiling. Does your kitchen need that perfect island, without the knee-knockers for guests? We will provide custom cabinet makers for these and many other unique requests.

Custom Gate Access and Hardscape

The Nashville home owner had a magazine photo of this nature scene gate access. Our gate subcontractor recognized the design of a Florida metal artist. Two art panels were shipped to Nashville. Gate access is operated through a mobile phone app.

Hardscape sub erected the Tennessee gray stone columns. Low voltage dusk to dawn lights are under the column caps. Low stone walls are on each side of the columns. After all, we don’t want unauthorized vehicles driven around the gate. I enjoy looking at the finish project reflecting my team built this. My great granddaughter likes the gate bunnies and birds design.

Tennessee gray stone columns with Tennessee gray flagstone walkway.

Oak Hill Bridge

Seven acre Oak Hill home site divided by a dry creek bed. Bridge affords home owners more accessibility to entire home site.

Fifty feet in length. Eight feet width. Structural steel beams carry the load from one footer to second footer on far side. Engineer was utilised to ensure proper load per span.

The wood is Tennessee cedar. The bridge walk boards are 8”x4”. The handrail and support diagonals are 8”x8” cedar. The steel beams are encased in cedar boards 2” thick.

Tennessee gray stone columns with Tennessee gray flagstone walkway.

Fire Pit

Eight feet width fire pit in a hardscape project. The circular sitting wall is built with Tennessee gray stone topped with brick to match the home. Spacing between the fire pit and sitting wall affords ample people movement and no one is too close to the fire to “roast.”

Tennessee gray flagstone walkway helps in year round usage regardless of grassy conditions.

Brentwood Hardscape

This Brentwood home has a new screen porch with a year round brick fire pit and sitting wall. The fire pit is built on an existing pea gravel slab. We cut out the fire pit and sitting area patio and poured 12” thick support pads to carry the weight load to prevent slab cracking.

The brick matches home brick veneer.

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