Middle Tennessee residential properties boast some beautiful varying landscape, including small streams, dry creek beds, ponds, and hills. In order to provide increased function or just to add an attractive outdoor accent, homeowners in Middle Tennessee are choosing to implement outdoor bridges into their landscapes. Choosing to add an outdoor bridge to your property might be a no-brainer, but choosing how to go about getting one might not be as easy to determine. Below are some options for adding an outdoor bridge to your residential property…

DIY Outdoor Bridges

For some individuals, creating an outdoor bridge yourself can be an option. This option can allow you to cut down on the labor cost, choose custom materials, and take pride in your work, however, before choosing to go the DIY route, consider these possible drawbacks…

Drawbacks to Do-It-Yourself

  • Can be time-consuming – It might take longer than expected to learn and execute the necessary step to constructing an outdoor bridge yourself. After all, you will have to design, calculate measurements, and learn about different materials and building techniques. Once you figured out what you want, how to do it, and then gather the materials, you will likely have to execute your project around the other demands of your life (job, house, family, hobbies, etc.).
  • May require special tools – The materials needed to build a DIY outdoor bridge cited in one source, include a circular saw, a jigsaw, an electric screwdriver, and wood clamps. Another source, cites a random-orbit sander, a miter saw, router, and pneumatic brad nailer as handy for such as project. If you do not have these tools, the cost for purchasing or renting such tools should be added to the cost of building the bridge yourself. It would also be wise to consider how often you will use such tools outside of this project to determine if the cost of purchasing such tools is worth it in the long run.
  • May lack in aesthetic and function – Without years of training and experience, you may not be aware of the variety an outdoor bridge can have. The aesthetic of your bridge will be limited to your research and imagination. Also, without the experience of using different materials or executing various building techniques, your bridge may not function as well as you need. It might not hold as much wright as you hope or have unforeseen issues with usability.

Custom Professional Outdoor Bridges

A professional custom-built bridge has many benefits! Although it might cost a little more since you would be paying a professional, a custom built bridge has many upsides…

Benefits to a Professional Custom Outdoor Bridge

  • More accurate range of possibilities to fit your needs – The experience and knowledge of a professional is invaluable in offering you the range of outdoor bridge options to fit your needs. You can tell a professional what landscape your bridge will be on, how the bridge will be used, and a desired style choice and a professional will be able to draft up different designs with different materials that will adequately function for your needs. A professional’s designs may be completely different than anything you have thought about, but a professional is able to think about your different wants and needs, and offer you options that will fit your budget due to their extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Usually takes less time to complete – A professional has all of the necessary equipment and knowledge to design and build your outdoor bridge without delay. A professional can work on your project straight through until it is done because that is there job. A professional’s attention and time is not split among other responsibilities.
  • Functions as needed – A professional has enough experience and knowledge to foresee any potential functional concerns. A professional knows the right questions to ask to make sure you have a product that fits all of your needs, even the ones you haven’t thought about. For example, you may have your heart set on a bridge design with no hand rails, but upon discussing it with your contractor, may come to the realization that a bridge with no hand rails over your pond may have some safety concerns for children. More importantly, the contractor will know the load requirement for the bridge span and the use of the bridge.
  • More aesthetically pleasing – A professional knows and is able to execute proper building techniques to make sure you have a beautiful and functional outdoor bridge. There is no need to worry about walking on an unleveled bridge or the planks of your bridge having inconsistent spacing.

Tennessee Craftsmen: Construction Professionals

Tennessee Craftsmen is a project management firm of construction professionals that proudly serves the home owners of Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, and Nashville. Tennessee Craftsmen is an A+ rated contractor with plenty of experience that values communication and seeks to work with customers to construct the perfect product.

Are considering adding an outdoor bridge or multiple outdoor bridges to your property or estate? Tennessee Craftsmen has recently completed an outdoor bridge on a seven acre Oak Hill home. The eight-foot wide, fifty-foot long bridge (the image above) was constructed from Tennessee cedar, Tennessee gray stone, and Tennessee gray flagstone. Steel beams were encased to ensure the bridge could hold the proper load. This is a project that would be beyond the skill of a DIYer. Tennessee Craftsmen was able to complete this beautiful sturdy bridge constructed of local materials to create more accessibility to the homeowner’s entire property.

For your outdoor bridge needs, contact Tennessee Craftsmen for your FREE consultation!