Winter is in full swing this time of year, meaning it’s the perfect time to enjoy the holidays by a warm fire, surrounded by friends and family. Rather than staying cooped up inside, however, why not enjoy the fire in the great outdoors? Tennessee Craftsmen can build the perfect fireplace to suit your needs and personal style, with an experience and professionalism that can’t be beat. If you can’t decide on what you want, check out this list for inspiration!


1. Classic Fireplace

You can’t go wrong with a classic, modular fireplace to serve as the centerpiece of your backyard garden or patio. It’s cozy, large, and often very safe, as access to the fireplace itself can be restricted to only one side and safely blocked off with a guard or doors.

This style is versatile as well, capable of being either the gas or wood-burning variety, and can offer a great blank slate above the mantle and around the chimney for additional decoration, wood storage, or lighting.


2. Modern Fire Feature

Gas-powered fire features have become hugely popular. One of the biggest benefits to gas-powered, modern fire features is their aesthetic appeal, as well as their warmth and convenience. Many features can be lit and extinguished with a flick of a switch–no need to struggle with matches, lighter fluid, or wood. It’s best to keep in mind this model is called a “feature” rather than a fire pit for a reason: it’s not suited for burning things, as wood fires are.


3. Cast Iron

While the fire features are very much a modern addition, cast iron fire pits and cookware is an innovation that’s over a thousand years old. Among the easiest and most low-maintenance of the models on this list, a cast iron fireplace can be as simple as a cage to supply wood into or as elaborate as a wood-burning stove, perfect for campfire cooking and authentic barbecue. Cooking food on cast iron cookware has been proven to increase its iron content, making this a very healthy option for those with iron deficiencies or anemia as well as adding a rustic centerpiece to your backyard.


4. Stone Fire Pit

The stone fire pit is a classic, versatile model perfect for any patio gathering space or poolside lounge. The fire pit can be either gas- or wood-powered depending upon your personal needs, and with the addition of built-in seating or a lovely, shady covering, it can become a crowning feature of your home.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

Easy Clean-up
Outdoor fireplaces have the benefit of being, well, outdoors! This means ashes won’t run the risk of scattering across the carpet, soot won’t stain any ceilings, and in the case of open air fire pits or bowls, you won’t need to clean any chimneys!
Depending upon the style you choose, your outdoor fireplace can serve as a stunning accent to a pool or patio, a gathering place for family, or even as a way to roast marshmallows and cook delicious, authentic campfire meals. Burning branches of lavender, mint, sage or other similar herbs in a wood-fed fire can provide a lovely smell as well as keep away bugs!

Always keep in mind what kind of fire pit is best for what uses you have in mind for it! Gas fireplaces, for instance, are built more for warmth, aesthetics, and lighting, not cooking or burning things. The yellow flames would cover food in unsavory soot as much as cook it, and any herbs or wood put in the fire may clog the burners and create a world of problems later on.

The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace for Your Franklin or Nashville Home

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