Tennessee is home to beautiful natural attractions: mountains, lakes, waterfalls, coves, valleys, and forests. Why not bring your entertaining and living space outside? Adding outdoor living will increase the curb appeal and functional space of your home. Plus increase the value of your home. Not only can adding outside space be financially beneficial, research has shown that spending time outdoors is overall good for your well being. Articles provided by Premier Health and PsychCentral discuss many of the benefits to one’s overall well being by spending time outdoors. Raising oxygen levels

  • Boosting serotonin levels
  • Providing a less distracted environment for relationship building
  • Helping you to sleep better and increasing energy levels by balancing out your body’s melatonin levels
  • Providing your body with adequate vitamin D
  • Reliving stress
  • Improving your creativity and problem solving skills


Outdoor Room / Outdoor Space Ideas

  1. Pergola

An archway or structure with columns and roof that may either by closed or open in a roofing grid. A pergola is good for defining an outdoor space and providing subtle shade. Really any type of outdoor space can be defined by a pergola…a hot tub, grill area, seating area, fire pit, garden, etc.



  1. Outdoor Fireplace/Fire pit

Fireplace/Fire pits are a great outdoor entertaining space. They provide some warmth during colder climates, as well as, a place to roast marshmallows, hot dogs, etc.



  1. Kitchen/Grill & Dining Area

A kitchen/grill and dining area takes the cake for outside living and entertaining. You can provide endless entertainment for guests and family while enjoying the outdoors. It really maximizes your homes overall entertaining space.



  1. Outdoor Showering Area

Outdoor showering areas are surprisingly sought after outdoor features. According to a realtor.com article, homes with outdoor showers saw a 97% price-per-square-foot premium over comparable listings. Outdoor showers provide an excellent place to clean up after hiking, doing yard work, or sports. It also provides a good place to wash animals.



  1. Outdoor Rooms

An outdoor room can provide endless functions. An outdoor room can serve a general sitting space, a space for a hot tub, an outdoor gym, outdoor laundry space, outdoor game room.


Tennessee Craftsmen

Tennessee Craftsmen is a remodeler with plenty of experience in building various outdoor spaces; view our portfolio for examples of our work. Tennessee Craftsmen values communication and will ask you questions and listen to your concerns in an effort to ensure you are getting the perfect remodel. Tennessee Craftsmen assures quality craftsmanship throughout the entire process and a project schedule that fits your family activities with as little disruption as possible. Tennessee Craftsmen would be happy to work with you on building your perfect outdoor space! Contact Tennessee Craftsmen for your FREE consultation.