Do you dream of the perfect outdoor kitchen? Have you ever imagined how pleasant it would be to have a relaxing dinner in the garden with your family and friends? It is totally possible to turn that vision into reality. Taking the exterior architect’s advice as well as the special weather of Middle Tennessee into consideration, the following instructions and tips will teach you how to install an amazing outdoor kitchen that creates the best al fresco dining experiences.

Know your budget
Before starting the project, it is important that a budget is set in mind. Scrolling through outdoor kitchen ideas is a great way to get inspiration, however, it would be better if you consult with a construction professional to get your ideas financially estimated. Although some ideas can seem expensive, the experts will know how to make it feasible.

Be creative when choosing the spot
Huge gardens aren’t the only spaces which can afford an outdoor kitchen, because small, subtle spaces work, too! There are so many spots around your house which can potentially be turned into a lovely place to dine outside, such as the backyard, the rooftop or even the patio. Have a look around your house and start picturing: there might be a neglected location that is just perfect to build a kitchen in.

Five Zones of an Outdoor Kitchen

Locate the basic zones
Deborah Krasner, author of The New Outdoor Kitchen advises that the following five zones are essential for every outdoor kitchen design:

  • hot (for cooking),
  • cold (for storing perishable foods),
  • wet (for washing and rinsing),
  • dry (for food prep),
  • and a spot for friends to hang out.

Don’t forget that a designated, easy-to-reach space for trash is vital to keep your perfect outdoor kitchen clean and organized.

outdoor roomGet it covered
The weather is unpredictable, especially in areas like Nashville where you can expect a wide range of climate conditions from hot sunny days, to rains and snowfalls. There are approximately five wetter months in Nashville every year which make roofs crucial in outdoor kitchen design. You don’t want to run back inside in the middle of the party when it suddenly rains or gets snowing, do you?

outdoor brick fireplace wood boxes franklin tnMaterials and Appliances

It’s all about the material
There are so many materials you can consider for each part of your outdoor kitchen, but they all should be weatherproof, coordinated with the surroundings, and easy to clean.

For example, when it comes to flooring, stone, brick, and concrete are good choices since they can be washed down easily, stand strong through all kinds of weather and coordinate well with natural plants.

brick outdoor kitchen franklin tnChoosing the right appliances
Depending on which activities you intend to organize at this outdoor kitchen, the list of appliances can vary from very simple to extensive. To keep yourself from buying unnecessary items, go back to the step of knowing your budget, mapping your journey in the kitchen and picturing parties you intend to organize. Ask yourself this question to every item: “Is it supposed to be outside? Can I use what I already have?” With this method, you can easily shorten the list.

Lighten your space
No one wants to dine in a dark, but you also don’t want to detract from the night sky. Lighting design in your outdoor kitchen requires special techniques and balancing to create an ambient atmosphere. Lanterns or outdoor string lights are great ideas to add a romantic atmosphere to your space. Don’t forget to take advantage of sunlight by choosing solar lights.

Check on insurance
Last but not least, check with the home insurer to see if your newly built outdoor kitchen will be covered. Your insurance policy provides your perfect outdoor kitchen with financial protection in case of disasters, theft, and accidents.

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