A backyard pool can impress and entertain well enough on its own, but an attached pool house can completely change the look and utility of the space. Whether it’s a relaxed family gathering or a wild block party, a custom pool houses can be outfitted with the amenities to suit your needs.

Pool House Style

The importance of style when selecting a pool house cannot be overstated. A pool house can be an extension of the main home and nearly indistinguishable from it in style, or the pool villa / house can be a unique centerpiece to a backyard with architecture all of its own.

An excellent method for deciding on which style you would prefer is to know which material you’d like to use. A Japanese-style pool house, complete with steeple roof, screen doors, or other features may use more bamboo and specialty materials than more typical architecture, but tastefully done, it can instantly transform your pool into a place of thoughtfulness and relaxation.

A more modern pool house built from metal and wood can be the star of any backyard. Modern architecture is defined by streamlined, simple forms, made appealing by graceful composition. It’s entirely possible to create an open-air pool villa or cabana for storage, refreshments, or shade in such a style while remaining well within budget.

pool sauna construction Nashville TNPool Villa or House Function

While customization allows for far more aesthetic consideration than any more formulaic building project, it also allows for the addition of amenities based on your personal needs. There are many features which, while not suitable for your main home, can be added to pool houses to maximize convenience, relaxation, fun, or all of the above. Some examples below include:

  • Jacuzzi: A jacuzzi can be the perfect escape from not only the tension of the day, but also the outside when it’s installed in the privacy of a pool villa house.
  • Bar: An open-air bar inside the pool cabana or house can allow for some truly legendary hosting, complement the design of the pool house, and impress guests on top of it!
  • Shower: Whether it’s for a quick rinse after the pool or a morning routine, outdoor showers can be convenient, hygienic, and beautiful. It’s no wonder they’re a growing trend for homes across America, both modern and rustic.
  • Sauna: Saunas aren’t just reserved for European bathhouses or high-end gyms anymore. Similar to a jacuzzi, a personal sauna can be the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day, in the privacy and security of your own home.
  • Storage: Detached pool houses can exponentially increase the amount of storage in your home. The additional storage allows homeowners to better organize and stow away pool equipment, hobby items, and outdoor gear safely and conveniently, without cluttering up the main home.

Overall, it’s easy to see how the addition of a pool house to your Tennessee home can completely change the focus of your living space. In short, pool houses allow you more fun at the pool with family, friends, or just by yourself after a long work day.

Other Pool Cabana / House Options

If a pool house on its own sounds a little too steep, a fantastic money-saving alternative can be a gazebo, or an open-air structure for shade and storage. A gazebo can be a romantic and comfortable gathering place in any home, and comes in a range of styles.

For more information on other such cost-effective options, check out our articles on custom outdoor living spaces here. Click here to read more details on pergolas and similar structures.

Local Pool Services in Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville

Don’t even have a pool? These local contractors can help get you started, whether you’re on a budget or ready to go all-out.

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