Disability Modifications Open New Paths to Independence

Having a disability, especially one which impairs movement, can make life difficult for many Tennesseans, especially in public spaces which may not always be accommodating for their needs. Their home should be tailor-fit to them. Upgrade a home with disability modifications that make life simpler and more independent. Here are a few stats to ponder:

  • About one in seven people in the United States ages 35-65 can expect to become disabled for five years or longer
  • More than 375,000 Americans become totally disabled every year

Tennessee Craftsmen is proud to assist in a range of disability modifications for any home in Franklin or Nashville, TN. We are always focused on the client’s needs first. Each project is taken on an individual basis, with plenty of room throughout the process for client input and feedback. Some considerations when deciding on which modifications should be made to a home can be read below:


Professional Opinion

Contacting a physical or occupational therapist can be a crucial first step towards determining the best modifications for a home. They may also provide assistance and training in the use of modified equipment.



Home modification can be expensive, but luckily there exists a range of options. Even simple additions, such as grab bars in bathrooms, door knobs which require no grip strength, non-slip flooring, or a ramp can vastly improve the quality of life for disabled family members.

In addition to these more cost-effective modifications, the US government provides resources for Americans, ranging from offering loans via the Federal Housing Administration, housing counseling via the Department of Housing and Urban Development, medical tax deductions, and more. Veterans may be eligible for specialty grants from the VA to ease the costs, while seniors may be eligible for financial assistance through the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture. To collect more information on which services may be suitable for your household, contact a financial advisor or present your inquiries to each Department office.



While having a plan in mind alongside the means to fund a modification project is important, so are the modifications themselves. Below are some options, and their usefulness according to the needs of each individual:

  • General – These changes may be helpful for a wide range of abilities
    • No-slip flooring, especially in bathrooms
    • Lever action door knobs
    • High contrast color strips on steps, ramps, and walkways
    • Handrails and appropriate lighting on stairways
    • Motion-detecting indoor and outdoor lights
    • Handheld showerheads
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
    • Ramps, chair lifts, elevators, and other such equipment to circumvent stairs
    • Disability-friendly pool lift
    • Lowered countertops with knee space underneath, lowered kitchen cabinets
    • Wheelchair-accessible floor space, widened doorways and walkways
    • Wider parking space for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle
    • Curbless shower, rolling shower seat, or shower stool for seated washing
    • Grab bars, single-handle faucets, and sufficient drainage in bathroom
    • Accessible light switches, environmental controls, power outlets, and appliances
    • No throw rugs or other obstructions which can catch on wheels
  • Senior Safety and Accessibility
    • Anti-scald mixing valves in baths and showers to prevent water temperatures from reaching above a certain threshold
    • Ramps, chair lifts, elevators, and other such equipment to circumvent stairs
    • Shower stool, seated tub, or other anti-fall design for bathing or showering
    • Grab bars, single-handle faucets, and sufficient drainage in bathroom
    • Smart door locks or other home security systems which are mostly automated
    • No throw rugs or other obstructions which can catch on wheels or trip seniors
    • Minimize furniture which can create a tripping hazard — low coffee tables, lamps with extension cords, beds which leave only a small amount of space to navigate the room, etc.


Making the Ideal Accommodations for Your Franklin or Nashville House

Tennessee Craftsmen is an experienced local remodeler. We are proud to serve homeowners in the Franklin, Brentwood, Nolensville, and Nashville areas by providing quality craftsmanship throughout the entire building process and to set a project schedule that fits your schedule. Whether you wish for new additions, a remodel of a home’s interior, or a completely new structure with disability access in mind from the ground up, you can be certain that Tennessee Craftsmen will bring its considerable experience to bear in crafting the space to fit your needs. The skilled craftsmen at Tennessee Craftsmen have experience in a variety of remodeling and construction projects and will work with you to see your vision through. View our portfolio for examples of our work. Contact Tennessee Craftsmen for your FREE consultation.