Are you searching for a contractor or home remodeling company to assist you with master bedroom remodeling? The art of crafting an amazing master bedroom can be woefully underappreciated. Wellness-focused interior design is a growing field in psychology with proven benefits, such as reducing stress and improving family bonds. Beyond the science, it’s easy to see how the design of a master bedroom can affect your mood. The master bedroom design is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before you go to sleep. Nobody wants to start their day in a place that doesn’t fit their needs and personal style.


Master Bedroom Makeovers for Franklin and Nashville TN Homeowners

Luckily, Tennessee Craftsmen has the skill and experience to give you the master bedroom of your dreams. Whether you’re sure of what you want or you’re just browsing for inspiration, we have compiled a list below of the best additions or modifications you can make to your Tennessee master bedroom.

1) Add a Cozy Reading Nook

After a long day at work or out doing errands in Nashville traffic, having a space dedicated for reading and relaxation can be a wonderful way to wind down. Common knowledge says reading right before bed improves sleep, and what better place to read than a few feet from your bed?

A reading nook can include a daybed, sofa, chair, desk, or even a hammock! The price and scale of your reading space can be as customizable as the amount of space you set aside for it. Filling up a bookcase can be an achievement to be proud of, and you can always easily make room for more. Children and families with easy access to books tend to do better in school and beyond, and adding a lovely space to read in your home cultivates that environment.


2) Reduce Clutter and Consider Walk-In Closet Options

Another common sense option (but often overlooked) for completely transforming your master bedroom is to reduce the amount of furniture, clothing, or other obstructions which may cause the space to feel more cramped or small. This modification can be as simple as hosting a yard sale, donating furniture to Goodwill, or moving some items to other rooms around your house. A more attractive option can also be adding an armoire, upgrading furniture around the room to include shelves or drawers, or even upgrading to a walk-in closet. Adding a walk-in closet to your master bedroom is a great way to reduce clutter and make the queen of the house happy. Please contact Tennessee Craftsmen to schedule a consultation to determine if enlarging a walk-in closet or adding a new walk-in closet to your existing master bedroom is feasible.


3) A Master Bath to Match

Upgrading your master bathroom to include a jacuzzi-style bath, stone shower, or other accommodations can give a feeling of true luxury without requiring a luxurious budget. Even simple additions, such as light sconces or a set of towels which match the master bedroom decor can make the bathroom stand out as a space for relaxation and not just utility.


4) Make the Master Bed a Centerpiece of the Room Design

Another piece of the puzzle which can completely alter your master bedroom is the bed itself. For a bold statement, you might upgrade to a four-poster frame or stylish headboard. Or, to offer a mellow, cozy feeling, you may reduce its height and add a thick layer of blankets and pillows. We have included some links and addresses below to some Middle TN home interior stores which can assist you in this brainstorming process.


5) Get in Touch With Tennessee Nature

Plants, whether real or artificial, can lend a sense of life and texture to the bedroom. Tennessee is famous for its colorful and gorgeous flora, especially showy flowers such as geraniums, violets, coneflowers, lilies, and more!
Even simply adding in some ferns and “filler” greenery rather than colorful flowers can suit just about any color scheme and style. For the chronic Tennessee outdoorsman and the homebody alike, a bit of natural beauty in the master bedroom can refresh and rejuvenate.

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Shopping for Your Master Bedroom in Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville

Like any good Southern state, Tennessee has no shortage of local businesses and tight-knit communities. Here’s some good sources of home and bath products to decorate and furnish your freshly remodeled master bedroom:

Why Choose Tennessee Craftsmen for Revitalizing Your Master Bedroom in Nashville, Franklin, and Beyond

Based in Franklin, TN, Tennessee Craftsmen is an experienced local home remodeler. We are proud to serve homeowners in the Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, and Nashville areas by providing quality craftsmanship. Moreover, we work with our clients to set up a realistic project schedule that fits your family’s activities and calendar. Tennessee Craftsmen would be happy to work with you on crafting your dream master bedroom! View our portfolio for examples of our work. Contact Tennessee Craftsmen for your FREE consultation.