Does your sunroom need to let the sun in, let you see out or maybe take care of both?

Some home owners really desire a “sun” room, and we know how to project manage design and construction so that the space takes advantage of the sun when you want it. Skilled craftsmen will create a southern exposure and use overhangs that let you maximize the use of light but minimize solar gain. This increases energy efficiency while assuring practicality and usability of the room.

Other home owners may call a special private nook or family gathering place their “sunroom” – but they may be less concerned with actual sunlight than simply letting a bit of the outdoors in. Sometimes, they want to watch birds or enjoy blooming flowers. One customer needed a place for her cat to see out.

A sunroom tends to draw family and guest into the space. After entering the home, almost everyone makes straight for the sunroom. A comfortable place for children to play, a breakfast nook that overlooks the outdoors, a place for family to gather in front of the natural gas fireplace. All of which makes for a wonderful addition to every home.

Sunroom 1

Sunroom 2

Sunroom 3

Sunroom 4

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